About the Breast Cancer Ninja

In 2008, I started blogging with the stated goal of sharing my training experience for my first triathlon (ended up doing 3 that summer), so that others would tri.  I know of at least two people who read the blog, and completed a tri… so I tried to keep it going for my other “athletic” endeavors.

But in July 2012, I found a lump in my breast. At the same time, I found out that if you type (J) in my Windows Phone, you send an emoticon of a ninja.  Pair that with being the mother of a 9-year-old boy… and the determination to kick some cancer ass… and the Breast Cancer Ninja was born.

This blog is not about activism, or fundraising, or even really awareness… at least not to start.  For now, it’s about me, Ange (pronounced Angie) Dyer McLaughlin, a 40-year-old full-time wife and mother of a boy & a cockapoo, who happens to work outside the home 40 hours a week as a PR professional, getting through this new stage of my life one day at a time.

Before PR, I was a journalist, a career I chose because I love to write. In the last few years I’ve learned that, for me, the writing and pretending like someone is reading is cathartic. If anyone else can relate or gain some inspiration or sense of peace, all the better.

***All opinions given here are strictly my own, and do not reflect the opinions of my employers or clients.  I just have enough opinions for more than one person. I’d say, “So sue me,” but the idea here is that you really shouldn’t. And really, aren’t said opinions usually right anyway? 🙂

3 thoughts on “About the Breast Cancer Ninja

  1. I love you and know you will do this. And I am glad you feel OK and don’t feel like you have to be a hot mess.

  2. Go, fight, win – Ange! In addition to your Ninjaness you are one heck of a great writer:) Delighted I get to work with you again soon – hugs!

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