So When Do I Get To Stop Shaving My Legs?

And I by that I mean the hair stops growing, because as long as there is hair… I will shave. I was also told today that I’m not supposed to be shaving under my arms with a razor since the nerves there are damaged from surgery (aka, I have NO feeling) so I guess I’m […]

My Humps 360

Today was another fill day, and again, I was able to take 120 cc of water in the good ol’ balloons, so NOW I’m at 360 cc. Evidently when you have a lot of skin to spare from a “skin sparing mastectomy” the “fill ‘er up!” part goes a lot quicker.  I won’t be able […]

Brown-Eyed Girl

I started doing a little looking to the whole wig thing, and first surprise, my insurance doesn’t have any wig allowance.  I know of places to get free ones and all, but since I have pretty good insurance, I just thought that I’d use my insurance to get a wig, and save the free stuff […]

Feelin’ Groovy

OK, I’m not sure that GROOVY is the work I want, but I definitely feel odd, funky, and not quite right, but not HORRIBLE. I have been taking my anti-nausea meds, although the issue seems to be more with the other end (I know, NICE) but I haven’t lost my lunch yet at all. I’m […]

Good Hair Week

Have you ever noticed that as soon as you make an appointment to get your hair cut, your hair looks awesome until the day of the appointment? Maybe that’s just me? Well, this week, as I’ve worked towards chemo that I asked the nurse, “what are we talking about on losing the hair, like a […]

Twenty Years and Counting

I’ve got so much running through my head right now, it’s hard to know where to start. 20 years ago tonight I was in my first weekend at Boston University, and long-story-short, I met a guy. Who is currently asleep next to me on our couch. For the last three days I’ve had a chance to […]

Hands In The Air!

I had another song picked out, although now that I think of it, No Drains would have worked better for last Friday, but when I didn’t get a fill, that was the song that somehow popped into my head. However, this little flub of an oldie but goodie (where I mess up the line because […]