This weekend was great, lots of time to relax, but as we got closer to home, sometimes there has been too much time to reflect. I’m sitting at SCCA, waiting for my appointments to begin, and I’m feeling sick to my stomach. Much of the last 24 hours as this time has approached, I’ve felt […]


Today I worked a part of the day, and then drove from Portland, through the town where I lived from 1st-5th grade, Corvallis, and on out to Newport, Oregon.  In fact, I’m writing this from my hotel balcony overlooking the Pacific, While my boys (the 9 yo & the 37yo… left the Fluffy one w/ […]

When “positive” does not mean good

(second and final post originally posted on Big Girls Can Tri, July 22, 2012) I’ve decided that the medical community needs to change their terminology. When I got the call Thursday afternoon, “Both sites sampled came back positive for invasive ductal carcinoma,” the only real positive is that I have an answer.  Not necessarily the […]

I found a lump

(This first post is transplanted from my old blog BigGirlsCanTri, July 18, 2012) And honestly, although the diet has been going well, it’s about all I’ve been able to think about since. Since most people who I pretend are reading this care in my head about the workout & weight loss stuff, I’ll tell you […]