Fifty Shades of Pink: WTF edition

Not sure why it took me half of the month, but it occurred to me yesterday morning. All of these people all over the place are wearing pink to promote “breast cancer awareness” this month. For all of the days of this same month, our government has been shut down, meaning the National Institutes of Health […]

Fifty Shades of Pink

For as long as I can remember, my favorite color has been a shade of red. In first grade, it was officially light pink, then evolved to a deeper magenta, or the ruby red of my car, a handbag, water bottle, and often my nails.  From a purplish wine color, to salmon or coral, I love […]

Reflections on Becoming a Ninja

I’ve always found the lead of a story (or a blog) one of the hardest things to write, likely because I know how important a good hook is. Right now I’m feeling more pressure than usual because I’m expecting a little spike in traffic. I’ve written a Breast Cancer Awareness Month blog for the public […]