Reflections on Becoming a Ninja

I’ve always found the lead of a story (or a blog) one of the hardest things to write, likely because I know how important a good hook is. Right now I’m feeling more pressure than usual because I’m expecting a little spike in traffic.

I’ve written a Breast Cancer Awareness Month blog for the public site at my PR agency, Waggener Edstrom Worldwide, so I’d guess there will be a few new people who will find my little ramblings.  Welcome!

The coolest thing about writing this particular post is that it gave me a chance to reflect on the past year.  It seems so hard to believe I was already undergoing chemo a year ago.  I was starting to lose my hair.

But the thing that I feel like I’ve forgotten a little bit in the last few months, as I’ve struggled with what’s next for me.

I talked recently about somehow not feeling worthy.  But I’ve forgotten the simple fact, that it means I’m lucky.  I found it early.  I’m going to be fine.

The other thing I wrote the post for was to submit to LeanIn,org, which meant I had a word limit… and don’t feel like I got to make my real point.  Yes, oversharing in ways that are way outside my comfort zone is my way of “leaning in.” But my truth, the thing that I’ve learned time and time again this year, has been left out.

Life is for living.

It’s that simple.  Sure, when you’re having a lousy day, it would be easy to wallow. When you, say, find a lump, it would be easy to curl up.

But if you face it head on, fight, but keep living your every day life, it’s worth it.  Show up for work, for your kid’s sports, for a night out with the girls.

For me, everywhere I’ve been, I’ve been met with love and people cheering me on.

Not what I was ever asking for, but it sure does help!

2 thoughts on “Reflections on Becoming a Ninja

  1. Timely message for me as I prepare for a battle of my own. Much love and admiration. Keep on rocking it and appreciating the gifts in your world as you enjoy living life.

  2. I read this post, as well at the one on waggener edstrom with chills and tears in my eyes. What a truly inspirational person you are Ange. You are such a great example for me to put on my big girl panties and just keep swimming. I am so thankful you’ve shared your story.

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