Part Time Lover

I think the most frustrating thing for me at work in the last couple of months is that at least once a week someone asks me: “So are you back full time now?” I may not be in the office every day, and I blew through all of my vacation time with doctors appointments and […]

Make Just One Someone Happy

I love soundtracks. I think part of it is the idea that all life can have a soundtrack like it does in my head, but there’s also the intention of bringing in different musicians at just the right moment to add to the story in a way that dialogue, and even video, can’t do alone. […]

Grey Lashes

I’m sorry if you feel like I left you hanging last week.  Mom’s surgery went well, although afterwards (and she’ll hate me saying this) when she was in recovery, she looked old for the first time my brother and I could ever remember, which quite honestly, makes my heart hurt.  So for a few days […]