Part Time Lover

I think the most frustrating thing for me at work in the last couple of months is that at least once a week someone asks me:

“So are you back full time now?”

I may not be in the office every day, and I blew through all of my vacation time with doctors appointments and a little fun chemo time, but other than the 8 days for surgery & 3-5 days per chemo session, I’ve been working the whole time.  I’ve even been in the office a fair amount, not EVERY day because sometimes it’s just easier to keep plugging away at home and skip the commute.

To be fair, I have not made any announcements about my “return” like I did about my diagnosis.  But I’m not sure exactly what it is that I should say.  “Working my ass off, like I did before the whole cancer thing… and as much as I was physically able during.” I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it again- what else was I supposed to have been doing? Sitting around feeling sorry for myself for the last 6 months?

Don’t be ridiculous! (Extra points if you can get the late 80’s pop culture reference without me providing a link…)

So anyway, the answer to your question, yes I’m working full time.  And I feel fine.

I still can’t say I feel great yet, since I’m still pretty sore.  I kept thinking that the tightness would go away, but so far, no dice. I saw my plastic surgeon yesterday, and she assures me that the permanent implants will be more comfortable. Only a couple more weeks until I find out.

This time the surgery will be out patient. They will go in through the scars I already have, and remove the tissue expander and put in the permanent implants, I go to recovery, and then I come home. No drains this time (woo hoo!) and I’ll evidently have a surgical bra I have to wear for a month.  Since I still feel naked with out a bra, I don’t see that as a problem.

After that there will be 1-2 more surgeries, each more minor, to get things balanced out and then to add in my nipples.  Yes, that seems as weird to type as it probably does to read.

On the hair front, it’s still coming in and getting thicker.  I was worried for a little while that it was going to be coarser, but now that it’s growing out, it feels like it will be pretty much like it was before, just more grey. 🙂

Today- see, not much difference

Today- see, not much difference



However- a month ago, definitely thinner

However- a month ago, definitely thinner


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