What’s Next?

So if you know me in real life, you are likely not shocked that even though I never finished watching the final season, I am a HUGE fan of the West Wing. Great writing, mostly great acting, and other general awesomeness. Although as I have learned this year, I’m willing to bet it’s as much […]


And I’ve missed a couple of days. I even had a few long blinks at Skyfall on Friday night, but when my eyes tweak out, it seems best to let them close. Other than the blinking, I’ve had the bone pain, but in general I’m just waiting it out & being grateful that I can […]

November Rain

I have had such mixed emotions this week, as I prepare for a rather small Thanksgiving, just my boys & my mom, so for the first time we’re doing just a turkey breast instead of the whole bird. I don’t know why I’m so worried about this, but I am. Probably trying not to focus […]

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

Can’t seem to get my mind off of you, damn cancer, so my wonderful sidekick took me to the stormy seashore this weekend for a vacation from cancer.  I wore my blond hooker wig the whole time (we were in Ocean Shores, the town the spawned Courtney Stodden, I looked just fine) and other than […]


I’m not sure why I’ve picked grateful vs. thankful as my theme for this month. I think that I just like the idea of having an attitude of gratitude more than simply being full of thanks. Although to be clear, I am both.  I think it’s more about being full of thanks sounding less active. […]

Protein, The Wonder Drug

Will still keep it quick today, but the early eye issues seem to be giving away to getting back to normal sooner… I hope. The most interesting random thing that I’ve found is that I feel significantly better if I eat protein. Normally I’d be totally happy with some oatmeal as comfort food, but knowing […]

Happy November!

Today is a terriffic, amazing day.  I’m in the office with my wonderful colleagues, getting to sit in a room three rows away from our CEO and hear about the direction of the agency over the next couple of years.  And while that was happening, I got Windows 8 installed on my work PC. But […]