‘Twas The Night Before Chemo

And all through the house, the McLaughlins were laughing at the butt tackle in the Pats game.

I mean really, we just can’t stop watching it and laughing.

Today has been a super chill Thanksgiving at our house, which I think is exactly what we needed. We ate a little later than planned, but we just weren’t in a big hurry.

I know I mentioned this last time, but mom and I did a turkey breast only.  The irony was honestly completely lost on me until I pulled the thing out of the oven. The year we sliced mine off seems like the perfect year to just go with the white meat.  There are only four of us here, and as I said on FB, #FUBoobCancer!

I forgot to take my steroids until late tonight, so there’s no way the tryptophan is going to take me out like it has my hubby (once the game was over and he stopped giggling about the #butttackle) so I also thought I’d update my grateful posts, which I’ll keep up on Facebook for the rest of the month.

However, the number one thing I think I’m grateful for right now is laughter.

The fact that I have so many friends and family who are laughing right along with me is awesome, but I’m so glad to be laughing away on this last day before I have chemo.  There’s nothing like laughter to help put everything into perspective.

So, the other things I’m grateful for since Nov. 10:

      • That my boys were able to run a 32 min 5k together, and that after a long week of feeling weak, I was able to walk the 1/2 mile or so round trip to get me a Gingerbread Latte at Starbucks
      • For veterans like my Grandpa and Grandma Hayes, my Grandpa Dyer and my dad
      • For mini, impromptu vacations
      • For whichever neighbor put our bear-attacked garbage back together and left it for the garbage man while we were out on our mini vacation… especially since we noticed that we have bear claw marks on our garage as we were leaving for said vacation… for reals!
      • For pizza delivery on busy nights, since I was working my buns off at work since I recovered enough since my last treatment
      • That I only have two more fills until my poor pecs are done getting stretched- they are STILL a little sore!
      • That my boss made it home from Beijing in once piece. (And that I didn’t have to take that trip. 🙂  )
      • To have a nice warm house where I’m safe from the storms outside
      • For boys who let me sleep sleep in, and waking up to NFL Red Zone (We don’t always get the Pats here in Seattle… have I mentioned that I love me some football!)
      • For a job that does not always require me to drive to the office… and that the sidekick did not decide either of the last two weeks were a good day to start taking a shot every time the Pats scored a touchdown.
      • To be doing well enough that my doc used the word “amazing” this week
      • On this Thanksgiving Eve, (aka Founder’s Day) I am grateful for my Tri Delta sisters!
      • And finally, today, I am grateful for friends, family, football and food!


And laughter.

And that this is my very last night that will be a night before chemo!

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