So tired, tired of waiting

I’m a little out of it this AM- I woke up in more pain than I’ve had for a while, and when the Robaxin (muscle relaxant) and a couple of Aleve didn’t cut it, I’ve added in the Oxy again.  I HATE how it makes me feel (see As You Wish) but it makes me stop hurting, […]

I’m alright

Not much new at today’s appointment, I got a lot more words that don’t mean much to me yet… doing research tonight on things like Nuclear Pleomorphism (mine is 3 points and severe… whatever that means) which is evidently a part of the Nottingham Grade, which we knew is 3. But other than getting the […]


I sent my boys (husband, 9-year-old, and father who is visiting from Arizona) out to go watch the Boeing Classic at TPC Snoqualmie Ridge today, and I think they’ll be out a while since I was in enough pain this morning  that I not only bit off each of their heads this morning, but started […]

As You Wish!

This afternoon I was sitting between my husband and father just after my oxy had kicked in, and as I fought to keep my eyes open, I was reminded of this scene in the “Princess Bride” where Westley has been mostly dead all day, and his head rocks back and forth as they plan to storm […]