I’m alright

Not much new at today’s appointment, I got a lot more words that don’t mean much to me yet… doing research tonight on things like Nuclear Pleomorphism (mine is 3 points and severe… whatever that means) which is evidently a part of the Nottingham Grade, which we knew is 3.

But other than getting the latest pathology report, and removing the steristrips and confirming that the sites are all healing OK, it was a pretty quick visit.

The things we already knew:

    • Stage One cancer means no Radiation
    • Grade Three means likely chemo — I’ll know more when I meet with the medical oncologist again in a couple of weeks
    • Lymph nodes were clear, and they appear to have gotten all of the margins (meaning the edges of the cancer)
    • I need to stop pushing myself too hard physically, and allow myself to heal


Little new things:

    • The surgical sites are healing well, although I need to stay on antibiotics since there is a little bit of skin irritation and since we saved so much skin, I don’t want it to then be ruined by infection
    • I can evidently be taking almost twice as much of my pain meds as I have been.  I don’t know that I’m going to take a lot more, but I’m going to try harder to make sure I stay ahead of the pain
    • I am good to start using my arms a LITTLE more liberally. My plastic surgeon is the one who said 45 degrees and I won’t meet with her again until at least next week, but my surgical oncologist said I can start to stretch my arms a little more, as long as I am very careful, and pay attention to what hurts
    • I’m clear to go back to work, at least from my computer at home, again, as tolerated by pain and fatigue (Yes, boss, my husband was a witness)


This week both my husband (a teacher) and son go back to school, and the little one will not feel any big changes, but the sidekick will be tempted to go into hiding.  You may have noticed, I’m not exactly comfortable being the center of attention.  If the BCN doesn’t like the limelight, the sidekick is violently allergic. He will be getting attention, and people will want to help him.  And all he will want to do is teach math.

So since I know some of my husband’s colleagues will be visiting us here in the near future, I close by reassuring everyone, I’m alright.

Now I just need to find the right line between sarcastic and truly, sincerely grateful for A LOT of thank you cards!


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