A Right Angle

Just a quick update today.

It was my first day home by myself, which would have been fine if I didn’t get a call that plastics wanted to see me ASAP. They heard from my surgical oncologist that I had some redness on Monday, and they wanted to check since I’ve got the tissue expanders in.

We weren’t sure how I was going to make that work (I’m not supposed to drive on my meds… And it doesn’t feel good) when a friend who happened to have the day off of work arrived at my front door. Not planned, it all just happened, but more proof to me that in many ways, things happen the way they are supposed to.

So after that, things went great. The nurse told me she was relieved when she saw how well I was healing, and when the resident checked me she not only agreed, she confirmed that I can now raise my arms to 90 degrees, or straight out from my shoulders.

After two weeks of keeping my elbows down, I think I may have overdone it a little, but I’m just amazingly happy to be able to reach the kitchen cabinets.

Some times it’s just the little things.

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