No Dr. Feelgood For Me

Just a quick update. Got 120 cc on each yesterday, so my fill is up to 600 cc per boob. I’m starting to feel like I have boobies, but this time they hurt… which I guess had to happen eventually. Plan is still to get to 800-1000 cc and let those bad girls settle ion for a while […]

Hot and Cold

This headline brought to you by one Ms. Katy Perry, and my nocturnal hot flashes. They aren’t HORRIBLE for me, at least yet, but I think the sidekick could likely do without my running back and forth between needing two flannel sheets, a regular sheet and our quilt and nothing at all several times throughout […]

We’re live in 3,2…

WTF was I thinking again? Sitting outside the control room @ KOMO waiting to go on. It’s the 5th floor, I spent my entire time working here on 4, in the newsroom, not the studio. It all just feels wrong. I started the AM losing my favorite scarf somewhere between my car and my desk… […]

It’s My Life

Was thinking of going with “Live Your Life” but realized I’ve been thugging exactly NONE of my life, I decided to go Bon Jovi instead, since I actually own several albums and went to a concert in high school… but the line for today: I just want to live while I’m alive. Once before I used […]

Meet Me Halfway

It’s funny, but I had a conversation with my mom this week where I actually considered finding out if I REALLY have to have the last two sessions of Chemo. And if I should just take next month off of work while I go through Chemo… even though it’s still going to be a time […]

And Ignite Your Bones

I know that literal is not where Coldplay is going with “Fix You,” but when there are tears streaming down my face because it feels like someone has actually lit my bones on fire… and I want so much to work and be a functioning member of my team, but I can’t stand to look […]

Chemo Sucks, Cancer is Worse

So the first couple of days of chemo are not usually so bad. I actually drove home myself on Friday, and made soup for dinner Saturday night.  Sunday was still OK (would have been better if the Pats could have pulled it out) but I was really just starting to have the sore legs and […]

Lost in Love

OK, so the lyrics don’t make sense, but the title does and I love me some Air Supply, so it works for me. Don’t judge. This week I decided to set out and see if we could get a little extra bit of attention for breast cancer, both awareness that there ARE women of my  […]

Our Lips Aren’t Sealed

So I teased this yesterday, but as you can imagine, I’ve been checking out breast cancer awareness sites and have found some pretty cool organizations all over the world that are getting out the word for breast and ovarian health. (I may be trying to find cool Christmas presents… if you are on my list, […]