Know Your Risk. Check Your Boobies. PASS IT ON!

I’m feeling like sending out a little Donna Summer coming at you today, but I’ve told you how amazingly lucky I feel, but there is another thing that I’ve been feeling.

I feel loved.

I know that I’m lucky to have such great friends and family around me, and to have a terrific job where I can be sitting at home working right now since I’m fighting a cold. (My oncologist isn’t worried about it as long as it stays a virus, so that’s what I’m trying to make sure it does!)

But more things this week, I got a delivery of meals to put in the freezer – like 16 meals of 3-4 servings a piece, so while I’m laid up from chemo for the next few days, my family will be fed. Heck, even though I may not be super hungry, I will be fed, too.

This comes from the generosity of my husband’s colleagues, fellow teachers at his employer of 17 years, Cedarcrest High School in Duvall, WA, as well as some of my own colleagues at Waggener Edstrom who didn’t get to pitch in on the food train of feeding me in the week and a half after my surgery.

Tomorrow will be my one and only chemo session during breast cancer awareness month, and I know I keep telling folks that they really don’t have to do anything for me, but I do have something that I’d like to ask so that I can share all of this love.

My colleagues at Waggener Edstrom have been SO supportive, and now they’re taking things one step further.  We’re sharing out some graphics that I’m hoping you’ll see, and then taking pictures of ourselves in bright pink lipstick to ask you to not only be aware that breast cancer is out there in our generation, but take proactive steps to know your own risk.

WE think bright pink!

Smile & check your boobies!

So what can you do?

      1. If you see our campaign, please share!
      2. Share a picture of yourself in bright pink lipstick (guys, you can have someone kiss you on the cheek if it makes you feel better… but you know a dude in pink lipstick will help us get attention)
      3. Check your boobies, and if you find something, FOR GOODNESS SAKE GET IT CHECKED!
      4. Learn more about your breast cancer risk at sites like or the Australian site that I mentioned as the original inspiration and founders of “Bright Pink Lipstick Day
      5. Pass it on, pass it on, pass it on!
Me in my Ninja hat!

Me in my Ninja hat!

I’ve said this before, but my one other homework item.  Remember to tell people that you love them. Unless you are a stalker, they will appreciate knowing that you’re thinking of them, if they have cancer or not.

One thought on “Know Your Risk. Check Your Boobies. PASS IT ON!

  1. Ange! I am just now hearing about your diagnosis and am so so proud of you! Ninjas are, perhaps, the coolest of all things in the world. Your post is so timely – a good friend is coming over today after she hears the results of her biopsy surgery. Your post will help her no matter what, and it’s helping me be the most supportive best breast friend I can! HUGS and HUGS and HUGS and LOVE to you! Sending all good thoughts – will be following you (in an entirely non-stalker way)!
    – Kirstenb

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