Lost in Love

OK, so the lyrics don’t make sense, but the title does and I love me some Air Supply, so it works for me. Don’t judge.

This week I decided to set out and see if we could get a little extra bit of attention for breast cancer, both awareness that there ARE women of my  generation going through what I’m going through, but the idea that we ALL should be taking the action to know our risk and getting checked.  And the response from my friends and colleagues has been a little overwhelming.

I should mention, that even though I’m playing out my little drama on a public blog, and I’ve admitted to being an oversharer, I’m usually a pretty private person until I get comfortable with you.  I may get comfortable with people easily, and I have a tendency to see the best in people… but I was a broadcast journalism major who NEVER intended to be in front of a camera on TV.  When I knew people were listening to me on the radio live, I blushed all over the place.  Which, yes, is silly on the radio.

So reaching out to my former TV colleagues & offering to talk to them about my journey was way coming out of my shell.  And pushing my story out to an agency of 800 PR pros, and asking them to share my story to inspire others created mixed feelings.  It’s scary.  I feel like I’ve stripped myself naked and stepped WAY outside my comfort zone.

But the biggest thing that I’ve felt with this nakedness is love.  I’ve had SO much support from friends and colleagues who may not even know me, but have told me I’m being brave.  And that makes me feel braver.  So thank you all.

Chemo went fine yesterday, although last time the side effects didn’t get serious last time until after I stopped with the steroids.  I have something odd happening with my eyes… it’s almost like I’m near-sighted… and I’ve been wearing reading glasses for being FAR-SIGHTED since I was 16.  I’ll call my doc and see what they suggest on that Monday.

My friend Veronica came to visit while I got treatment, and she got to see the full look, ice gloves to keep me from getting neuropathy in my hands, Ninja hat to keep my naked head warm, and other bundling, because putting room-temperature liquid in my body makes me chilly…

Today was also my son’s last regular season pee-wee football game, and my friends bought some little pink balls and treats for the boys, and Breast Cancer Ribbon hats & bracelets for the adults.  I got another awesome pink hat to keep my head warm, which is great, since I had the rest of my head cropped short on Thursday… and now my head is cold.  More love.  It’s an embarrassment of riches.

Anywho… I’m feeling pretty good so far.  Just made and ate Beef & Barley soup. Not so bad for a chick on chemo, right?  I can still feed my family, not even ALWAYS with the help from my wonderful friends who have sent food. Which feels pretty good.

I may feel a little lost with all of the attention, but I KNOW that I’m loved!

2 thoughts on “Lost in Love

  1. Hi Ange, I just saw a picture that Kris Olsen shared on Facebook…I hadn’t heard about what was going on with you. I love the blog…keep up the great posting (when you feel well enough) and my prayers and best wishes are with you and your family! You look terrific as a Ninja!

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