Chemo Sucks, Cancer is Worse

So the first couple of days of chemo are not usually so bad. I actually drove home myself on Friday, and made soup for dinner Saturday night.  Sunday was still OK (would have been better if the Pats could have pulled it out) but I was really just starting to have the sore legs and nausea. And I couldn’t read the ticker on the bottom of the TV.  And it’s harder to focus on the computer, which makes work tough.

So Monday, I slept like 16 hours, and took pain killers for my legs, as well as meds for my nausea. Which was made worse by the cold I’m still fighting. I hate snot.

Today I’ve gone from Constipation to Nausea, to the big D since 7a… and it’s not even 10a.

An hour ago I was feeling TONS better, but now, I’m not so sure.

But the fact is, I’m 1/2 way done with the chemo. And it SUCKS, but in 6 weeks, I won’t even need to plan to do another one of these things.

So I’m sorry if I’m MIA for a couple more days, but I’ll get through this.

They say that you only know what strength you have when it’s tested.  Don’t know that I felt the need to test it, but I’m feeling hella strong.

I got this.

There is no other option.

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