Fuzzy Friday

This week has actually been pretty crappy. My twelve year old car died. Confirmed that my kid has more problems than just ADD that are making things hard for him at school.  Confirmed that the cancer I mentioned last week is indeed back. Not mine, so no new crap for me, but still breaks my […]

F. U. Cancer

I thought I was going to write this blog last night. My work trip went pretty well, although I think I’ve started to have some minor hot flashes.  I still get cold at random times too, but there were a couple of times in New York where other people were talking about the weather being […]

A Hairy Egg

Still don’t really have time to update, but sometimes you have to MAKE the time, right? I’ve got a trip to NYC for work next week which is what is taking so much of my time right now, but here’s a what is new in Ninja-land: Tamoxifen: Been on it for 10 days now and […]