Fuzzy Friday

This week has actually been pretty crappy.

My twelve year old car died. Confirmed that my kid has more problems than just ADD that are making things hard for him at school.  Confirmed that the cancer I mentioned last week is indeed back. Not mine, so no new crap for me, but still breaks my heart.

I’ll talk about it more later, there’s still too much for me to wrap my head around.

I’ve also got some annoying physical stuff from the Tamoxifen- like the balls of my feet have been numb for no real reason, and I was not really able to enjoy a massage that I treated myself to, while trying to lay on the rocks in my chest.

But in the good news department, I’m almost to the point where it would look like I cut my hair so short on purpose:

Making Progress

Making Progress

Last week 1/18

Last week 1/18

And one week earlier, 1/10

And one week earlier, 1/10

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