Every Now and Then I Fall Apart

As always, I have started writing this post several times, and several thousand times in my head, but I haven’t necessarily wanted to share broadly all of the thoughts I’ve had swirling. Although some of the news has been crappy, the crappiest has not been entirely mine to share. To get this out of the […]

Is it all just PR?

So, a couple of things before I lead into the post, which I’m cross posting from the blog at my new place of employment… Voxus PR. First, yes, I have a new job. Still doing public relations, but with a much smaller agency.  Waggener Edstrom (or WE as they are now known) was a terrific […]

Never Gonna Give You Up

Never gonna let you down Never gonna run and desert you Yeah- you’ve been Rickrolled. Deal with it. 🙂 I don’t have a ton to say, but it seems like I’d be remiss to let the third anniversary of my bilateral mastectomy go without being marked in some way… and the most appropriate way I […]

You Give Love A Bad Name

Shot in the butt, and you’re to blame… cancer you give love, a bad name. Oh, that’s not how it goes? So it’s been a while since I’ve posted… and I actually started this post a month ago, but I haven’t been in the head space to share in a while. Hell, I don’t know […]


It’s funny how different we all think our lives would be, if we just had one thing that was different. A different job, a different house, different family. Different looks. A different body. I don’t think I could even estimate the number of times I’ve wondered if my excess booty “gave me cancer.” I try […]


Last year, and to a different extent the year before, I made a point of being super active in social media in October. After all, it’s BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH, so isn’t that my job? But there are so many things that bother me, both the “pinkwashing” that happens, and the movement against it. On […]

What Lies Beneath

I’m more than a little irritated, as I’d written an entire post, did something odd, and it hadn’t auto-saved the draft. Of course, I’m sure I was much more eloquent the first time. Sorry to short change you. 🙂 The one thing I can give you, buzzed post. Not as much as either the day my hair […]

Feeling Testy

I’m doing it again. Writing a post that I have no intention of hitting “publish” on until I have updated test results. Sigh. I’ve been doing this blog thing for two years now, and I considered letting go of my vanity URL, but evidently I’m still vain enough to keep it.  I put it up for […]

Cause & Effect

For years, I’ve known. Chocolate makes me sneeze. Worth it. Now, a glass of wine causes hot flashes… Or just feels like it raises my body temp 20 degrees. Also worth it. Found out I’m even less in menopause than 6 months ago, so the headaches, hot flashes & southern lady part issues will continue. […]