Last year, and to a different extent the year before, I made a point of being super active in social media in October.

After all, it’s BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH, so isn’t that my job?

But there are so many things that bother me, both the “pinkwashing” that happens, and the movement against it.

On one hand, I do think that it’s important to know where the money goes for “Breast Cancer” products. There are different charities I have my own personal opinions about.  But when stuff is just for “awareness,” and in SO many cases, it is, then it’s really about just getting you to buy stuff in pink.

On the other hand, I really like pink. I own a lot of things that are pink, that have nothing to do with ANYONE’S boobs. So damn it, if I want a white hat with a pink Seahawks logo, I’m going to get the damn hat. (And if they then win, say, the Super Bowl, I may buy additional pink hats for my other teams, damn it!)

I get how it’s gross that some company is selling pink drill bits for fracking. But I get frustrated by the idea that there’s ANY judging for people who are honestly trying to do the right thing.

So I’ve decided to quiet down this Pinktober.

Ninjas aren’t supposed to be about fighting loudly, we’re about the stealth fight.

So this month I’ll wear pink things, because I own and like pink things. If that makes someone think to check their boobs, that’s great.

And I’m doing some light social media amplification, because, I may fight in the shadows, but I still have a big mouth.

But I’m committed to making sure I come back & remind my friends and their friends to check their girls EVERY month.

It’s not just about mammograms once you’re 40. It’s fair to say I would have been at least stage 2, likely worse, if I’d waited those extra 18 months.

I found a lump in the shower. I knew something didn’t feel right, because I take a shower pretty often… and instead of ignoring the warning in the back of my head, I got it checked out

That’s REALLY all the “awareness” piece takes, no matter what month it is, or what color anyone is wearing.

Me in my Ninja hat!

October 12, 2012, just before I got my head shaved

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