A Hairy Egg

Still don’t really have time to update, but sometimes you have to MAKE the time, right?

I’ve got a trip to NYC for work next week which is what is taking so much of my time right now, but here’s a what is new in Ninja-land:

    1. Tamoxifen: Been on it for 10 days now and seems to be going fine. I do feel like I am spacy sometimes, which my doc mentioned might happen, and since I didn’t get chemo brain, is kind of annoying.  No hot flashes lately. We’ll see if that changes.
    2. Surgery: April 8 is the big day I get the new boobies. There will be a couple of surgeries after that, but I will get the rocks out of my chest, so that’s good stuff.  I’m still having soreness & to a lesser extent numbness issues because I have rocks in my chest, but still, hanging in there.
    3. Hair: The thing I’ve obsessed over more than anything else is the re-growth of my hair.  It started coming in on my birthday, and it’s just getting fuzzier and fuzzier. It’s hard to get a good image of the changes (there really is a pic I took holding the camera above my head that looks like a hairy egg) but here’s the best I’ve got.
At least with an eyebrow and ear, you can kind of tell it's a head.

At least w/ an eyebrow and ear, you can kind of tell it’s a head.

I’m still wearing hats & scarves most of the time, but that’s in large part because BALD IS COLD!  It is soft to the touch, and seems to be coming in mainly as my natural color, but it’s too short to tell much yet.  Since I was BORN with more hair than I have right now, it’s interesting to see what happens.

OK- back to work!

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