Meet Me Halfway

It’s funny, but I had a conversation with my mom this week where I actually considered finding out if I REALLY have to have the last two sessions of Chemo. And if I should just take next month off of work while I go through Chemo… even though it’s still going to be a time of peaks & valleys.

And today, I can’t imagine giving up like that.  I’m going to be more fair to my team and take the whole week after chemo off the next time, since I think I really need to take off one more day than I think I should. Last time that was Mon-Tue, this time, Mon-Wed… so yeah, next time I will need at least 4 days. But I’m getting this done, and I’ve had even more love and support from my team to help me carry on.

I shouldn’t consider the chemo itself on Friday the halfway part, but after I feel better from said chemo.  Like today.

As I was trying to come up with a theme for today, this little bit of Kenny Loggins popped into my head:

I’m still tired from the feeling sick and food does not agree with me **TMI ALERT** (don’t you hate it when it sounds like you are peeing, but that’s not what is happening. EWWWWWW!)

But I’m still getting to the other side.  And if I shut myself off somewhere I wouldn’t be able to soak in the love from my crazy and friends who sent me these hats, book and shower art

Latest random & awesome things that prove I have friends who are both random and awesome!!

Latest random & awesome things that prove I have friends who are both random and awesome!!

And I wouldn’t have more time with the sidekick, who knows me so well he got me this.

I've got the tiara...

I’ve got the tiara… just need to find the right cape!

So, I find the balance.  Don’t work, and maybe since it makes people worry I shouldn’t even blog when I have those worst of the bad days.

But the rest of the time, live my life.

After all, if you’ve met me here, for this chemo crap, we’re already half way!

PS- Looks like I’ll be on KOMO 4 news at 11a next Thursday, talking about my boobies.  Unless I can work in a plug for Windows 8… no, it’s just about the boobies.

One thought on “Meet Me Halfway

  1. I love that you are so real and share the good and the bad. If it feels good for you, keep doing it. I think it’s hard to read because I know that you are in pain and suffering and it makes me sad, but if you can get through, I can get through reading it.

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