No Dr. Feelgood For Me

Just a quick update.

Got 120 cc on each yesterday, so my fill is up to 600 cc per boob. I’m starting to feel like I have boobies, but this time they hurt… which I guess had to happen eventually. Plan is still to get to 800-1000 cc and let those bad girls settle ion for a while after I’m done with chemo.  I’m starting to go in every two weeks, and should just have 3 more fills if I continue to tolerate it as well as I have been.

The title update, I asked my oncologist if I could just take more steroids so that I could keep working next week… I’ve got an announcement the week after and next week could be a busy one for my team.  He told me “that is not the right reason to increase steroids and expose you to the additional side effects that those would cause.” Dammit.

He then pointed out that this is hard chemo. I may have picked the short route, but I did not pick the easy one.  Steroids do things like slow metabolism.  Not worth it in the long run.  I need to just take a couple of days off of work.

But in general he feels I’m doing well, and has been happy every time he sees me with my progress and my blood work. And as I can tell anyone I see in person, I really do feel OK this week… or I will once I go take some more muscle relaxants for my boobies!

Rocking the Pink Wig in the office

Rocking the Pink Wig in the office

One thought on “No Dr. Feelgood For Me

  1. Your doctor is right! Working is not the reason to get more steroids! While we love your input when you feel up to it, your #1 goal is to be healthy, happy Ange again. We’ve got it covered.

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