Happy November!

Today is a terriffic, amazing day.  I’m in the office with my wonderful colleagues, getting to sit in a room three rows away from our CEO and hear about the direction of the agency over the next couple of years.  And while that was happening, I got Windows 8 installed on my work PC.

But the best part of today is that it’s the first day of November.  Let’s be clear, this month will likely suck hardcore.  This is the only month where I will have two treatments, and as my last two treatments, they will likely be harder than the first two were.

But the part where I’m focused: TODAY IS THE FIRST DAY OF THE MONTH WHERE I WILL GET MY LAST TWO CHEMO TREATMENTS!  By the time this month is over, the chemo will be over too!

Therefore, today is a pretty terrific, amazing day.

I asked a friend this morning if it sounded strange, but I’m really excited for chemo tomorrow.  This is my second to the last treatment.  No, this won’t be the END of my treatment… I’ll get my ovaries shut down for at least 5 years as soon as this is done, but I’m really excited to just MOVE ON.

Another colleague said that in all of my pictures I look so great and have such a great smile.

Yep, I’m a PR girl. That’s on purpose.

So it makes me wonder if I should post a pic next week when I’m feeling shitty and I’m all pale.  Not how I like anyone to think of me, but if I’m trying to stick to my mantra of “this shit’s real” maybe I should. Complete with dog in my lap.

I’ll think about it.

But as I’m super excited for tomorrow’s treatment to be over and I’m going to drive myself to SCCA and have at least two lovely friends drop by to visit (if you’re in the South Lake Union area Friday 11/2 from 10:30a-2p or so and have my cell, feel free to text me and I’ll tell you what room to stop by), I want to leave you with two images that will help carry me through the next few days when I’m feeling less smiley and kick ass.

My boy who dressed up as a ninja to be a ninja with his mom this Halloween:

Ninja Boy

Ninja Boy with his candy loot!

And how I answered the door for kiddos looking for their candy fix last night:

How a self-rescuing princess ninja answers the door on Halloween

How a self-rescuing princess ninja answers the door on Halloween

Because this ninja princess found the lump that rescued me by being early.

Which means today can be a good day. (Even for a white girl)

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