No Hair

And no, it’s not ACTUALLY a song lyric, but all day it’s been stuck in my head that way. Can’t live, can’t breathe with no Hair It’s how I feel whenever  you ain’t there There’s no Hair, no Hair   Yeah, melodramatic, but between the major hair loss and the sidekick trying to kill a cold that […]

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Likely something that’s TMI, but it’s 3:30a, I’ve had one hour of sleep, and I thought that maybe again getting my chaotic thoughts would clear my head enough to let me sleep… but I’m a picker. Like if there’s a scab that looks like it might come off, I pick it off.  If I have […]

Self Rescuing Princess

Every year at Halloween, the sidekick takes our kid out to trick or treat, and I stay to pass out candy.  This works well, sometimes the sidekick even dresses up, and I like to plop on a witch hat or something, just to make it fun for the kids at the door. This year I […]

And So It Goes

Slightly sad song, but when it’s been 20 years since I’ve had bangs, and  25 years since clippers visited my head, being in a pixie cut has brought on a little case of the blues. I may have, in fact, bawled my eyes out when I got home after cutting off all of my hair. […]