No Hair

And no, it’s not ACTUALLY a song lyric, but all day it’s been stuck in my head that way.


Yeah, melodramatic, but between the major hair loss and the sidekick trying to kill a cold that I’m also fighting… it’s what I’ve got stuck in my head.

Wig shopping was not horrible, but also not a success.

I find wigs hot, itchy, and expensive, and not easy to make flattering.  I did buy a few online… we’ll see what they are like when they come in.  I also got a couple of scarves, a couple of hats, and ordered a few chemo beanie thingies online too. Posted more of each on my Pinterest board for head coverings… feel free to comment there.

Other than that, saw my chemo doc today, he says I’m doing great and he’s a happy guy.  Got a fill, so now the water balloons are at 480 cc. I actually look down and see something that looks like boobies to me.  Small, deformed, nippleless boobies, but when I’m wearing clothes, it’s still better than it was this AM.

But the big fill means typing is tough… so I’ll have to add in that I’ve got an awareness thingy planned for this Friday… it’s the ONLY chemo I’m having during breast cancer awareness month, so seems like a good day to make my little move.

I’ll share more deets once my pecs aren’t so sore & I can tell you more. 🙂

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