Boobless in Snoqualmie

Will keep this short & sweet because I’m likely going to get in trouble with the sidekick for posting, but I wanted to make sure everyone knows that I’m home and resting as comfortably as I’m going to be able to on the hottest day of the year.

Less than 12 hours after surgery, they let me come home, which is lovely. I have a whole pile of meds to take, and I can’t raise both arms more that 45 degrees (ANNOYING) but my pain has been relatively tolerable. Actually, while I was in the hospital my hand with the IVs hurt woerse than anything else.

I credit one thing for this, and that is all of my ninjas out there sending the love, thoughts and prayers. That combined with the Angels I know are looking down on me like Kathi, Tricia & my grandparents, and I can’t go wrong!

Thank you, thank you, thank you all!

I love you my ninjas!

4 thoughts on “Boobless in Snoqualmie

  1. Yay for Boobless in Snoqualme! I hope that is your radio call-in name for evermore. I am so happy you are home and able to type. Rock on, ninja!

  2. Really glad to hear that you’re back home with your loving family. We will continue to send positive “ninja” vibes and prayers for speedy recovery. Loads of hugs.

  3. Glad you are home Ange. Been thinking about you and sending love your way. I actually barely slept last night I couldn’t stop thinking of you, so I’m hoping knowing you are home and safe that tonight I will sleep better. Your courage is inspiring.

  4. Been thinking of you today and am glad to hear you are home and able to relax/rest. Sending more prayers and good vibes as you continue to heal!

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