What do you call a ninja sidekick??

Whatever you call them, that’s me. The BCN is currently recovering but I know many of the followers would want a more thorough update. When this post is proofread, you will know Ange is back to 50%. I will try to be ninja brief.

Both boobies are now official property of UW medical research. Surgery started late, but went as planned. All three lumps were removed, although they are waiting to call them one lump or three. (Great, now Def Leopard is stuck in my head again). More pathology later in the week. The main lump area, you know the one responsible for starting this whole mess, was the size they predicted.

Sentinal lymph nodes came back initially as clean. While the quick test isn’t always accurate for detecting cancer, the surgeon did mention the looked healthy. They will do a complete lab for those as well in the next few days. If that pathology is clean too, it is a sign that the cancer did not likely spread out of the breast.

Ange is in a standard hospital room as of midnight when we left her in good hands. I think the recovery nurse summed it up best when she said my wife just got hit with a mac truck, normal has lost meaning for the next few days. She was still a little loopy, and probably will be for another 36 hours. She will likely be home late Saturday, but we will find out more tomorrow.

Thanks to everyone for all there support. We have a really long road to go, but we got the best start we could hope for today.

I would suggest you share this soon with interested others before Ange gets all her sense back and this post ends up like a drunken Kardasian tweet and magically disappears over night.

I’d say goodnight, but it’s morning. (J)

2 thoughts on “What do you call a ninja sidekick??

  1. Thanks for the update……you are a great sidekick! SO GLAD ALL WENT WELL for this first part of the journey. Know that if you need anything….just ask.

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