This Is It!

Again, more like the first countdown, this is likely the first it, but 24 hours from now I’ll be out of surgery and resting uncomfortably in my hospital room for the night.

First and foremost, thank you all for the major outpouring of love and support.  I do feel so lucky and loved, and I really do appreciate it, even if I get all embarrassed and don’t know how to show it.  Every time I take those INFP whatever the heck they are tests, I come down right on the line between introverted & extroverted.  I’ve decided I’m the world’s shyest extrovert.  I can overshare when I’m in my comfort zone (aka, my couch & a laptop or people I know well 1:1) and if I need to make a presentation where I know what I’m talking about, I could talk to a gazillion people at once, as long as what I feel like people are paying attention is the topic, and not me.

Ninjas work in the shadows, not in the middle of a crowd of wonderful people wearing pink and seated under a bouquet of “boobloons.”

I work with crazy people… who I love… and who make me boobloons.

But when you are a Ninja, you must accept and soak in the love. Even when it might be easier not to.

OK- here’s how my day will look tomorrow:

7:30a- Check in to hospital

8:30a- Contrast and lymph mapping so they can tell which are the sentinel nodes to take out on Lefty.

Approx. 12:45p- 6-8 hour bilateral mastectomy, including insertion of tissue expanders.

Spend night in the Univ. of Washington Medical Center.

It will be at least Friday before I can update unless someone lets me have my phone in the down time tomorrow, but please know that I do appreciate all of the love, happy thoughts and prayers.  And I’m sending them all right back at you, even if I’m dorky about it.

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