Protein, The Wonder Drug

Will still keep it quick today, but the early eye issues seem to be giving away to getting back to normal sooner… I hope.

The most interesting random thing that I’ve found is that I feel significantly better if I eat protein. Normally I’d be totally happy with some oatmeal as comfort food, but knowing over the last few days that eating protein helps, I broke out the turkey jerky and it’s helped with the leg pain sooner.

Of course, now it’s sitting like a brick in my tummy, but I’m all about the compromise.

I think the most exciting part of today is that all of the political ads & posts will stop.  I actually voted more than a week ago, which then makes the ads that much more obnoxious, since I have a hard time believing that much of anyone is swayed by last min ads… and are those morons who we really want deciding ANYTHING?

Anyhow, the boobies are sore, so it will be interesting to see how my fill goes next week… I’m looking forward to being done sooner than later, but it still may just be rough.

So I’ll do what I’ve been doing when I’m sore all week so far.

Nap time!

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