Everybody’s Working For The Weekend

I know I tend not to write when I’m not feeling well, but that has not been my excuse this week at all.  This week I’ve been so busy with work, a couple of days being online until 9p or later, that I just haven’t had the energy to do much else.

To some people, this would be a complaint.

Me, I’m in heaven!

So with all of the work, I haven’t had time to think about my boobies much (see… HEAVEN), but I do have a couple of little updates.

Got a fill yesterday, now the TE are up to 720.  Two more fills to go, and then I have to wait three months… and then I get the gummy bears!

This is exciting both because I’ll be done by mid December, and that I’m that much closer to a natural looking implant.  Or more importantly, a natural FEELING implant.  The big ol’ water balloons on my chest sound like they’d be squishy, but not so much.  They are rock hard, and sit, as my plastic surgeon puts it, “high and proud.”

This weekend I think the hubby and I are going to look at the calendar and see what dates look like… then I need to make sure that I’m looking at a week I can take off of work, but it’s exciting to think how close I’m getting to putting all of this cancer treatment shit behind me.

I almost typed “all of this cancer shit behind me,” but I honestly don’t know that the cancer part will ever TRULY be behind me.  (And honestly, with the hormone stuff, I’ll still TECHNICALLY have 5 years to go, but that doesn’t seem like it will be quite as horrible.  Hopefully it won’t make my arms go numb like this fill has…)

Anyway, I wasn’t a ninja before, and even once I finish ninjaing the cancer out of my body, I will still be a ninja right?

Once you have cancer, you just look at life differently. I don’t like to think of it as living “like you were dying.”

I prefer to think of it as living like I’m going to LIVE!

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