Grey Lashes

I’m sorry if you feel like I left you hanging last week.  Mom’s surgery went well, although afterwards (and she’ll hate me saying this) when she was in recovery, she looked old for the first time my brother and I could ever remember, which quite honestly, makes my heart hurt. 

So for a few days I was running back and forth to the hospital in Seattle, getting the bro down to the airport, back to the hospital.

Just after I dropped the kid off, I ran in to my uncle when he was leaving the hospital after a visit with mom.  He commented on my hair, and I know he’s seen it on Facebook, but it caught me off guard.  There are actually periods of time when I forget that I’ve been doing anything unusual for the past 6 months, or that I still don’t have quite as much hair as I was born with.  I expect to turn my head and have my pony tail swish behind me, since with no hair in my face, I’ve obviously put it up, right?

Anyway, mom came back to my house on Monday, and I’ve been working like a crazy woman for a big announcement this month.  Mom keeps thanking me for taking care of her, but all I’ve really done is make sure the dog doesn’t step on her and encourage her to eat and sleep.

So anyway, I haven’t had time to think much of anything profound.  I have noticed that there are times that I hit a wall that I think may be related to the Tamoxifen, since I realize I can no longer put together a coherent sentence… but it could also be just because I’ve been running around like my hair is on fire.

I do know that colleagues and clients are seeing me as stressed at the moment. Which freaks me out a little, since I’m usually pretty good at staying cool under pressure.  However, when this version of Trouble is your theme song for the week, it understandable to crack a little around the edges, right?  (Click the link, you know you want to, it’s only :25 sec)

And since I missed posting here (I DID post to Facebook) for Fuzzy Friday, here are the last two weeks with a month ago and a month before that for perspective. The most disturbing thing on the hair front lately is that I think I have a gray eyelash coming in.  Is that even possible?  I tried to wear mascara yesterday & the lashes are so short I don’t think it really worked.  Will give them a couple more weeks.

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