Fifty Shades of Pink: WTF edition

Not sure why it took me half of the month, but it occurred to me yesterday morning.

All of these people all over the place are wearing pink to promote “breast cancer awareness” this month.

For all of the days of this same month, our government has been shut down, meaning the National Institutes of Health has been shut down.  Wearing pink does not cure cancer.  The researchers at the NIH are working to CURE CANCER, or make it so the treatment isn’t worse than the disease.

And not just of the boobies, like I had, but the cervix or colon like my mom.  Or skin like my grandpa, lung like my grandma, or leukemia like my grandpa on the other side.

Here’s a great article that Scientific American reposted from the journal Nature on what’s happening there while the government remains shut down.  “NIH Campus Endures Slow Decay Due to Shutdown

So unless you really NEED that pink tie, or skis, or TACO SHELLS, don’t bother to get them to make the ninja happy.

Contact your congressional delegates instead, and remind them that they work for YOU.  And you’d like them to fund the NIH NOW.

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