My Humps 360

Today was another fill day, and again, I was able to take 120 cc of water in the good ol’ balloons, so NOW I’m at 360 cc.

Evidently when you have a lot of skin to spare from a “skin sparing mastectomy” the “fill ‘er up!” part goes a lot quicker.  I won’t be able to type for long, as my pecks have just noticed this invasion as I’ve started to share it with you and are now protesting up into my shoulder, but in all, I feel pretty good.

Here are the two bits of news from today:

      1. My dream of getting this all done by the end of  the year is dead.  I will not be getting new boobs for my 39th birthday (Dec 28 for those of you who want to then shop for something ELSE for me… :)) but there’s a good chance they will be a gift to the sidekick for his birthday in March, and if not, for our 16th wedding anniversary in June, the will not only be in, but likely able to be wrapped in pretty bras.
      2. With this fill, my front is finally starting to look like it belongs to a girl again.  People have been telling me that if you forget about my former cartoon chest, I just look like a small busted woman. Since I don’t remember ever looking like that, it’s a major relief to start to see something that resembles a breast when I look down again. With clothes on, I almost feel like a real girl.


Tomorrow that part where I feel OK may change, as I will go meet my new physical therapist. Gulp.

But the GOOD part about that next step?

I’ll get to figure out how much I can do to start working on the six-pack I need to go along with the new smaller boobs!

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