Hands In The Air!

I had another song picked out, although now that I think of it, No Drains would have worked better for last Friday, but when I didn’t get a fill, that was the song that somehow popped into my head.

However, this little flub of an oldie but goodie (where I mess up the line because my 9-year-old hasn’t watched his TMBG videos in a long time) is a good place to focus, right?  Plus, this song always makes me want to dance a little… or at least clap my hands.

This weekend was fairly uneventful.  I fell asleep mid-day on Saturday, which you might think I do a lot, but really, not so much. I’m still having problems sleeping all together, so I just figured that I needed it.  In general the worst thing of the weekend? The Pats lost. And since that REALLY doesn’t affect my life other than how sad it makes the human boys at my house, it’s really not so bad.

So on to today… I went in to the office again, and saw my clients again.  It’s kind of fun, because people are just so surprised to see me, and I really do miss being around adults who know me as something other than my kid’s mom. Not that I don’t love the football parents, but it’s nice to be appreciated for my brain, vs the much more impressive one between my kid’s ears.

Anywho, part of why I went in was that I had an appointment to get my tissue expanders, well, expanded (remember, Pump Up the Boobs?) but the first thing I did when I saw the medical assistant who would do the fill is ask if it was OK that a) I was leaking out of the place the drain came out of Saturday when I took my shower (yes, GROSS, but it’s fine) and b) if one spot on Righty looked OK, since when the scab started to come off in the shower it looked a little icky, like there was some puss or something. It’s evidently just some clotting tissue that can prevent getting a “good scar.”  Not a big deal, but since it’s not healing as well as they’d like, I didn’t get a fill.

So I guess today I had my first real setback. Keeping the effing drains for almost a month isn’t REALLY a set back, just something irritating. And having the chemo was relatively expected. But to have to put off a fill and to go back on antibiotics because one of the wounds is not healing quite right, and I have to put gauze & Neosporin on the spot that looked all icky to help it heal better, that’s really not so bad.

But if that’s my biggest setback, I’ll take it.

The GOOD news today is that other than the spot, my wounds look good and I’m able to raise my arms all of the way up in the air as pain dictates.  So Righty can totally signal a touchdown next weekend… Lefty may take some more work, but I’ll get physical therapy for that in a few weeks.  Now I just need either my son’s team or the Pats to score one for me. Anyone that can get to work on that for me? Thanks!

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