Everybody’s Working For The Weekend

Yep, got them out!

Today is awesome, not only because I got both of the drains removed, but because my awesome new boots-for-a-ninja-to-wear-for-chemo came in the mail.  Took me several days to pick them, and I may have to send back an entire order at Old Navy when the sidekick sees how much they cost, but since I don’t know how to make anything fit my body right at this point with the small, but slowly growing boobs, that’s OK-ish.

I do have to be careful about too much arm movement since I was on the borderline of being able to have them removed, but this means that the place they were will have a full week to heal before I start chemo, which is good. This also means that at approximately 12:30p tomorrow I will be able to take a shower that does not include taping plastic to my sides, which is REALLY good!

In fact, at this moment, my girl cramps are worse than any thing involving my chest.  I don’t know that is GOOD, but it is definitely progress… which is another thing to make this a fabulous weekend.  Add in sun in Seattle (although I would love to see one more overnight rain to clean the haze out of the are), and I’m back to feeling like life is pretty darn awesome.

Hope it’s a fabulous weekend for all of you too!

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