Feelin’ Groovy

OK, I’m not sure that GROOVY is the work I want, but I definitely feel odd, funky, and not quite right, but not HORRIBLE.

I have been taking my anti-nausea meds, although the issue seems to be more with the other end (I know, NICE) but I haven’t lost my lunch yet at all. I’m also not hungry… but once I start to eat it’s like I’m ravenous.  My body needs the calories, but my mind is in no way interested in food.

I’ve also got some odd joint pain, knees, hips, spine, and not a joint, but my teeth feel strange.  Again, not HORRIBLE, but odd.

I did manage to get out while my boys were shuttling mom home to Oly and get my last Pedi until chemo is done… so I have sparkly hot pink toes for the forseeable future.  They didn’t have my usual “I’m Not Really a Waitress,” so I figured I’d go cliché.

I do feel a little bit like a cliché all in pink all of the time, but since shiny red and pink have been my favorite colors, and I’ve been told the most flattering on me, I just own a lot of pink. It has nothing to do with the cancer that has been in my boobies, I promise.

The other thing that happened today was in talking to the woman next to me at the nail salon about how she’d recently lost a friend to BC.  She was a 5 year survivor, but then it came back, and in two years she was gone.

Sometimes I feel like I’m over doing it with this chemo crap when all of the bad was cut out.  But if my Doc thinks I need it, I’m not going to argue.  I know I felt better before I started the treatment than I do today… but if I want to feel like that ever again, I still have to fight.

And if I want to dance at my 9 year old’s wedding, I’m going to need to stick around for at LEAST a good 15 years.  And to dance at a grandkid’s wedding… I’ll need another 30, right?  So we fight today for more and more tomorrow.

With hot pink toes inside kick ass boots. 🙂

One thought on “Feelin’ Groovy

  1. Ok – I just lost it in front of Melissa and the grandkids reading the last part of your post. I have SEEN you dance at weddings and you MUST be here for many more. If nothing else, for the friendly observers to watch Sidekick react to your dancing. Fight, Ninja, fight!!!!!

    P. s. I don’t know if he’s going to work tomorrow, but it is Sports Team Day so maybe he can rustle up something to wear. Love the posts!!

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