This Ninja’s No Mutant!

I am also neither a teenager, nor a turtle, but I was guessing you already knew that.

So the GOOD news is that in the standard tests that they give, I don’t have the BRCA 1 or 2 genetic mutations that could have caused my cancer.  Are these the ONLY genes linked to breast cancer? Not entirely, but they are the main ones so far, and if I’d been positive, then the indication would have been that I should get my ovaries out. Considering the last surgery I had is still pretty fresh, I was not feeling that idea, so it’s good news.  I have signed up for a research study that will help them find MORE genes that can be linked to the cancer… hoping to help the future generations and all of that, but I won’t know anything for like 6 months.  Heck, I’m planning to get the blood taken for it tomorrow.

Tomorrow when I get my blood drawn before I start my chemo.

I’m still pretty sore today, meaning I over did by driving in to work the last 3 days. But if I don’t push myself, I’ll never get past the spot where I am… which is in my husband’s Lazy Boy. I’m still not looking to be FAST, but I am going to be back in triathlon form.  If not in 2013, than 2014. This is not a plan, but a promise to myself.

I’m kind of freaking out a little bit about the whole chemo thing tomorrow. And by freaking out, I’m eating candy corn and having a hard time concentrating on work.  There is no gnashing of teeth, wailing or tearing of hair.  That would freak the hell out of the dog.

But I am tempted to curl up and hide in my shell.

I am putting off anything I can think of to put off, like what I’m going to do with my child in the 60 min before school tomorrow when I have to leave for Seattle & the bus will not have come yet. Because I don’t want to think about tomorrow.  It is not just another day.  But the only way to GET to the days that are just another day will be to get through these next few. One day at a time.

The steroids I am on so far have not had any major impact.  I took them. Whatev’s. We’ll see if I still feel that way tomorrow and Friday.  I’m sure I’ll update you all when I’m feeling up to it… maybe even from the chemo chair.  I know there will be boredom, even though I’ve got both mom & hubby coming with me this 1st time.

The one other thing- Hubby is hoping I never need to shave my head & all (there WILL be shaving if I start to look like I have mange), but when I do, I’m not thinking I’ll want to take anyone’s human hair that I know other than my own.  It’s sweet that some of you have offered (other than my dad… pretty sure he’s just being a smartass) but it just kind of skeeves me out.  The wig thing will likely wig me out enough as it is.  Although I will have good timing to hit the Halloween clearance sales if I lose the hair after my next treatment on 10/12, right?

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