Ain’t Nothing Gonna Break My Stride

Nobody’s gonna slow me down, oh no, I’ve got to keep on movin’!

OK, so maybe I do need to slow down some days.  In general, I’m still doing well. The drains have been out a full week now, and on Thursday I get the stitches out and the tape off of my incisions.

I’ve had an odd stitch today, which when I breathe the wrong way, or make the wrong movement, feels like I’m getting stabbed in a rib.  Ironically, the doctor I talked to said that it may LITERALY be a stich in my side. I’ll know more when I see my doc on Thursday and she can actually look at the spot.

I have to be very careful not to lift or carry too much.  I was warned about this by a friend who has been through the same thing.  She told me I’d feel fine pretty quickly, but I need to take it easy.  It’s hard, but I’m trying.

Last time I wrote I was on Oxy.  I hate taking it, but it lets me sleep.  I haven’t taken it EVERY night, but it’s close.  I’ll need to take another one in a few min.

I wasn’t in the mood then, and I’ve already shared on FB, but for anyone who isn’t friends with me there, I have a little funny story that happened that day.  It was Monday morning, and I was getting coffee in the kitchen (my 1st day in the office after surgery), and a male colleague came over to say hi:
Him: “Gee, you’re really filling in up there!”
Me: <pause> “Actually, they’re a little smaller since the surgery last week”
Him: “What? <blush> No, I was talking about your hair!”

Someone commented that I could sue for sexual harassment, but HIS comment was totally innocent.  I’m the one with the boobies on the brain.

I’ll know more about what the permanent state of my chest will be, but I have to admit, I have never hated my breasts as much as I hate them right now.  They are not round an perky as I’d imagined, but flat and kind of rectangular.  Now it COULD be the kinds of bras that I have to wear post-surgery.  That thought, the thought of wearing pretty bras that make the girls look the way I want them to is the only thing that is keeping me from crying right now.

Which is why I’m running and I won’t touch ground. I’ve got to keep on moving forward or I’ll drag myself under.

And I have neither the time nor the patience for that.

One thought on “Ain’t Nothing Gonna Break My Stride

  1. You are so strong Ange, and I love this song!! Taking it easy is hard, but especially be careful with the lifting. All your stories about your new boobies, seem so painful and scary. The one at the coffee bar in the office is priceless! I remember the first day I wore my wig in the office, back in 2003, where the hotest guy in the office, said ” I really like your new haircut”…I smiled and said thank you. Many people in my office new I was going through chemo, but that does not mean they knew I lost my hair. I could not wait to get off work to take off my wig;-) The worst is over, and you will feel better and get to your ‘new normal’ very soon I hope. Best, Sandi

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