Nipple Day!

I promise I’ll write more after the procedure tomorrow since I feel like I have more questions than info about tomorrow’s surgery where I get the bumpy part of my new nipples.  Tattoos will come later to get the color of the areola.

Here’s a site where you can learn more about such procedures… they used to do what sounds like some unpleasant skin grafts. I’ll leave it at that.

Other updates, since it’s been more than a month…

The vagi-fem seems to be helping the dryness and I’m pretty sure I don’t have a yeast infection, but it also may be causing headaches. Woo hoo.

I tried hot yoga for the first time. The breathing was the hardest part… and I am not very good a shutting down my brain. I am planning to try it again once I heal, although there were gross moments, like when I changed positions and sweat that was running down my face went up my nose.

I really don’t like sweating.

My other big first of the last month is that I wore a strapless dress for the first time.  It was odd, but a little freeing.

I haven’t been writing much, because there still isn’t much to say.  I go through the occasional manic moment, but in general, I spend a lot of time in MEH.

I’m hoping that getting through this milestone will help.


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