Superglued Boob

Just a quick update to all- today’s MRI guided biopsy results will not come back until Friday… I’m hoping to start building a timeline then.


An MRI guided biopsy has all of the unpleasantness of an MRI, some of the compression of a mammogram (including an actual mammogram afterwards) and the residual pain of a normal biopsy.  FWIW, not something I’d reco if you can avoid. The cool NEW thing I go to try was super-glue instead of tape.  I took Excedrin this AM when I left the house because I didn’t want to get in a noisy MRI with the beginnings of a migraine.  But that makes it harder to stop the bleeding from poking a hole in my boob. So when they couldn’t get it to stop, they used superglue.  It’s more comfortable the the astrisk of tape…


I’m back in a better place today.  I think that I really had convinced myself that all I would need is surgery… chop them both off and be done with it.  I’m now resigned to the longer term treatment, I just want to get it started. Preferably now.


2 thoughts on “Superglued Boob

  1. Hi! I discovered your blog today when I was googling breastcancer (which I have) and my name (which actually is Ninja) and ended up here!
    And it’s strange to read, because it seems we’re going through the same thing – I’m 37, I discovered my lump July 4th, had mamography etc July 18th and are scheduled for surgery August 16th, then a few weeks off before the chemo.
    Thank you for sharing your experiences and thoughts! I will follow you from now 🙂

    (sorry if my english is bad, I live in Norway)

    • Thank you so much for sharing your story with me! I know how many people are going through what we are doing now, but it’s amazing to have someone with so many similarities… I might even be having my surgery on 8/16… I’ll find out tomorrow.
      If you ever want to guest post, or even just e-mail me directly… I find that just writing out my feelings helps, and I’d love to help you if I can.
      Thanks again!
      Ange (aka The Breast Cancer Ninja)

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