Third Lump’s a Charm

So the biopsy came back sooner than anticipated. There are three lumps in my left breast… all cancer.  Since the one they didn’t find until the MRI and biopsied yesterday is more than 10 cm from the other ones… lumpectomy is no longer an option.


I’m having a mastectomy.  Who the hell has space for tumors that cover 14 cm within one breast?  This girl.


Today I’ve been setting up a lot of appointments.  Meeting a plastic surgeon next Tue.  Final pre-consult with my surgical oncologist on 8/13.  Then I got the update, and I got to make my appointment.


The very nice lady who does my surgeon’s scheduling came back and said the first time the plastic surgeon was available is 8/29.  I pointed out that with a KI67 of 60%, I’d really like to get in sooner.  So she checked to see what she could do… and I’ll have a final date tomorrow- it will be sooner, which is great.


On a random but cool note, check out my comment from “Superglued Boob,” it’s from a woman in Norway, whose NAME IS NINJA, and is also going through almost the exact same timeline as I am… she’s even 37 too.  So welcome to you Ninja from here in Seattle.  Hopefully we will BOTH kick some breast cancer ass!


3 thoughts on “Third Lump’s a Charm

  1. So I was thinking of you when I was driving today. The song The Ninjas by Barenaked Ladies came into my head (it’s on a kids’ CD I’ve gotten from the library a few times). Have you heard it? I think you picked the perfect thing for your visualization while you’re going through your treatment… the ninjas can sneak up on the cancer cells and take them out!

  2. Ange~ Thank you for directing me to your blog. I have appreciated your sense of humor and candid personality ever since I have had the pleasure of meeting you over a yr ago and spending almost every day together for months. I have no doubt that you are a ninja ~ most likely you are “Zane” and I will happily be your “Kai” (lego ninjago’s learned from our sons). I owe you many favors and as you mentioned you do attract those who want to do ~

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