Does Anyone Know People At CamelBak?

Because I think I have a BRILLIANT new business proposition for them.

This weekend I did a little bit of poking around online, and I’m not seeing a lot of mastectomy bra solutions that have a flat spot for lefty and a K-cup on the other side.  Therefore, I think that we’ve come up with the ultimate solution.
The CamelBoob.

This would be a refillable prosthetic that I could put inside my current bras… to be filled with the liquid of my choice (nope, not thinking water), and with one side that has a neoprene layer to keep the liquid from being effected by body temperature.  Perhaps it could even include a pocket for an ice pack in those early days of after surgery?

Ideally, it would include the straw, and perhaps a clip to hold it on to the bra strap.  In fact for women who are smaller breasted and want a non-permanent breast augmentation, this could be a great party solution.

If I don’t get the call from CamelBak, I may try this myself with the bag inside boxed wine from Target.  If so, I’ll let you know how it goes.

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