Goodbye to Boobs

So this morning I met with my surgical oncologist, and was thrown yet another curveball.

Upon further review of my record and discussion between her and the plastic surgeon I met last week, there were a few changes:

    1. Because I am young and healthy, my surgical oncologist is willing to do the double mastectomy.  Not only will Lefty go bye-bye, but I’m going to send Righty away along with her.
    2. From what we originally heard, we thought there was like an 80% chance of radiation,  There’s more like a 50/50 chance, and it will be determined by the size of the tumor once she’s out.
    3. The plastic surgeon doesn’t think I’m a good candidate for “the flap” where they use my tummy tissue because of my weight.  This is probably the most frustrating thing, because it’s not at all the impression that I had on Thursday.  The good news, however, is that if I get silicone, they look better, and won’t be lost when I DO lose weight. Because I will.


And while I’m typing all of this, a dear former colleague and friend who spent more than a decade fighting brain tumors passed away and it puts everything into perspective. I only pray that I can handle my minor trials as well as Kathi handled hers.

I can’t complain about my boobs anymore. Will have to write more later.

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