t-minus 6 days

In my PR job, I live in a world of work back schedules and t-minus mails more than I like. I’d rather be creative than organized.  But with less than a week left in the life of Lefty, this shit’s starting to get pretty real.

I have a headache, which I know will work its way into a migraine if I let it.  But I’m not supposed to take NSAIDs for a week before surgery so I can’t take Excedrin. Shit.

Yesterday I met with my plastic surgeon, and talked about reconstruction.  It has never occurred to me NOT to have reconstruction.  I hardly remember NOT having a chest.  Since I was a slightly chubby kid, I probably always did.  But for the last 25 years, I’ve had a considerably larger than average chest. And I’m freaking out more and more about having the cartoon boob on the right, and little to nothing on the left.

So we learned more about our options yesterday, and what I really get to decide this week is if I want an inflatable prosthetic to get put in when we do my mastectomy, or not. If I do, then a silicon prosthetic would be an option. If not, my only option for reconstruction would be using my own tissue.  But if I get radiation, which my understanding is likely, then I would lose the silicon option… and the inflatable one is painful.

And since no one in their right mind would reconstruct my breast at the current size, I’m going to get something done with Righty at some point, I’m thinking that since I”ll have to be lopsided, I will likely skip the tissue expander.  Although from what I saw, the implants might have looked perkier, but if I use my own tissue, they take “tissue” from my tummy, and make it into my boobs.

Let me say that again. I will get a flatter tummy AND normal-ish sized boobs.  Other than the hip to hip scar… sound like win-win to me.

2 thoughts on “t-minus 6 days

  1. Okay – I might have missed something in a past message, but can’t they take from the right to give to the left? I mean sharing is caring right?

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