Mastectomy Wife-beater Cami

I know that’s not an “acceptable” term, but I never promised to be PC.  It’s now been two and a half weeks that I’ve been running around in this thing (yes, I have two, so they do get washed) but I just feel like it’s an undergarment all of the time.

I also know that I’ve got friends who have been curious about how my upper body looks now… and even people who come visit are very careful to meet my eyes at all times.  If only that was the case with the world when I had the cartoon boobs!

The Pear

The Wife-Beater Cami, complete with drain pockets

The bulges you see in the front (below the bulges that are my once and future boobs) are the pockets for the icky drain things. Was down to 35 on one side yesterday, but since I have to be at 30 for 2 days to get them out, I may end up waiting until Friday when I see plastics….

Anyway, as you can see, not attractive or flattering, but there’s what I’m wearing these days. I CAN take it off & pin the drains to something else but this is more comfortable.

So to update this weekend, pretty dull.  I did go grocery shopping on Sunday, which meant I was sore all day on Monday so I sat around like a big lump. As a review, here are things that evidently use my pecs and therefore make me sore:

    • Typing
    • Driving
    • Laughing
    • Lifting things
    • Leaning forward for more than a few min at a time
    • Sitting in bleachers for more than a couple of hours, even with neato seats with backs

On the plus side, I’m feeling better enough that I’m only taking Oxy when things are at their worst, or when I really, really can’t sleep.  When I don’t have the pins & needles feeling, and I’m low on my buddy Robaxin, it almost feels like I’m wearing an underwire.  Under my skin. I’ll be asking plastics if this is normal when I see them Friday.

Still no updates on Chemo or any other next steps… I’m about to call and see if I can get an appointment, since I don’t feel like I can plan the next several months of my life until I meet with my medical oncologist.

Need to stop typing and save the rest of my upright finger movement for work now, but if I don’t update, often, it’s not that I’m not well, it’s that I’m saving the PC time.

One thought on “Mastectomy Wife-beater Cami

  1. I hope your “holding pattern” ends soon. I am not a fan of that feeling. My fingers are crossed for news on Friday that the docs will be able to remove your drains. Always thinking of you!

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