Tales of a Fourth Grade Mommy

It’s ironic to me, I’ve had “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing” in my Amazon cart for a couple of weeks (I tend to pile things up until I come up with something I can’t wait for, then I place my order) thinking that it would make fun reading for my Fourth-grader… And today I get news from a friend that, iconic author, Judy Blume and I have something in common. Breast Cancer.

She is 74, and does not have a family history, but it goes to show that it really can, and does, strike anywhere. Everyone I’ve talked to has a mom, aunt, sister or friend who has fought cancer, and now, I’m hearing a ton of BC stories. (I’ve decided to always refer to breast cancer as BC from here on out, because as a BU grad, we all know that BC SUCKS!)

One of the stories that struck me the most was a colleague whose mom was diagnosed when he was close to my son’s age.  Nine year old boys aren’t great about talking about emotions and fears.  Mine is a pretty emotional kid, but I still worry how much he’s keeping bottled up.  He’s having a tough first week of school, and I’m hoping the relative chaos at home isn’t the reason.

So updates on me- last night I got down to 30 ccs on Righty, so there’s a good chance I’ll get at least one drain out Fri. And I made it 10 hours without Robaxin… should have only gone 7 or 8, but still, that I wasn’t crying after 5 when I’ve gone down from 1.5 pills to just one is good stuff!

One thought on “Tales of a Fourth Grade Mommy

  1. I’ve caught up. Ange, you are so brave and have such a positive attitude. It’s really inspiring. Thank you for sharing your journey.

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