Rollercoaster, of Love (Say What?)

At this point I’m assuming anyone bothering to keep up with my trip knows me at least a little, so you may be familiar with the fact that I have a constant internal soundtrack going… and I regularly give moments a theme song.  So if my titles get a song stuck in your heads… sorry.

Thursday was a roller coaster day.

UP- Team meeting conference call, everyone was doing well.

DOWN- Came home after dropping off kid at school to empty, lonely house.

UP- Got dressed in adult clothes, went to the office.  Saw lots of people, got some work done, returned containers from the week of feeding the family.

EVEN HIGHER- Lunch with best boss ever. Go to client’s office and get great feedback on some work we’d spent the last few days (and weeks) on. And best of all- made an appointment with my medical oncologist for next Tuesday AM to find out once and for all (I HOPE) what the chemo plan looks like so that I can make PLANS and move on.

If the day had ended there on the high, it would have been awesome, but of course that’s not how the world works.  I drove home feeling pretty good, and proud of myself that I managed to drive all the way into the office (my SUV is more comfortable for me to drive than my husband’s Mazda 3 because of how upright I sit in it) and see people, even do more hugging than I’ve done in the three weeks since my surgery.

LOOP-DE-LOOP- Son had good day at school, but hardly ate lunch. Worked on homework, but didn’t want to do spelling, and had a fight with his dad. I was sore from being so active, so I was snotty and got into the middle of the fight, but by bedtime, it was all worked out.

DOWN- Drains, which were at 35 cc each (which would mean at least Righty could come out when I see plastics today if I stayed below 30 since it was at 30 the day before) were at 60 and 40.  SERIOUSLY LEFTY? 60?? So at 11pm when I’ve been checking the drains, my husband who leaves the house at 6a is snoring, and I’m struggling not to cry. And to fall asleep.

However, it is now a lovely, sunny Friday in Seattle.  I just had a great conversation with a colleague who TOTALLY gets it, because she is also a PR pro, mom, and kick ass survivor.  And I’m about to drive in to see plastics about my 1st fill. Cross your fingers for me that the drains go… and MAYBE I’ll post pics from before & after… next blog: Pump Up the Boobs.

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