Hair Raising Progress

I’ve been wanting to make a little slide show to show off my hair… but thought that at least this little gallery shows my progress. The sidekick thinks I’m crazy but I may go visit my stylist this weekend to even up the hairs that never fell out with the ones that are growing back. No one else notices how much they’re sticking out, but it bugs me.

I didn’t wear a scarf or hat at all this week unless I got cold when I went outside, and you can see in today’s picture that it’s starting to get long enough that it kind of parts when I push it in the right directions.

On the rocks-in-my-chest front, I finally got a prescription for my muscle relaxants today, which is HUGE because I’ve been miserable.  Today they hurt enough that I couldn’t focus, and when the muscle relaxants weren’t enough, I broke down and took an Oxy, since over the counter meds have not put a dent in the discomfort.

And on the Ninja Mom front, she’s having surgery in a couple of weeks. Sounds like they plan to remove the right lobe of her liver.  The surgeon says that it will not effect her quality of life at all, but I can’t help but worry that she’s going through a major surgery.  We argue often about who is worse off. I still say her stuff has been harder.

The thing that I can’t help thinking is that since hers came back, I should be prepared that my cancer could come back as well. She was stage 4, but fully resected, the first time, and my cancer had not metastasized at all, but it’s still a sobering thought.

Yes, if it DOES come back, I will just kick its ass again, but I’d really just rather not need to do that at all.

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