My husband hates it when that’s my answer to anything… especially via text. He can’t tell, is that the, “yes, but do so at your own peril” version, or the “meh, whatevs” version.

I don’t see a little bit of mystery in a 20+ year relationship as a bad thing…

But this week, I don’t have a better word to describe how I’m feeling.

I’m tired, but not sleepy. I’m bored, but don’t want to do anything. I’m sore, but I don’t really HURT.

I’m fine.

My left drain was back up to 45 today, so it didn’t come out, but they DID take out the right side.  Baby steps are still progress forward.

And I’ve decided to think of it as a good thing that I’ve got the little suction tube sticking out of my left side.  If they didn’t put it in, then where would that fluid be going?  Let’s say it all together now: EEEWWWWW!

So spirits = fine. Body = fine. According to both my eye doctor & dentist, eyes & teeth = both fine.

What I should have done this week (and this is where the sidekick, mom, hell, EVERYONE, will say they told me so) I should have shut down my work e-mail. I th0ught I was being all smart by creating a folder of stuff to look at on Monday and then deleting the rest, but I kept getting annoyed that people weren’t reading my mind as I sat here at home, and wanting to give my $.02.  Which is worth less than usual when incapacitated. Which is why I’ve kept my virtual mouth shut.

It’s funny, but I think I’m not the only one who has this happen, I really WANTED to clean and do stuff around the house this week when I KNEW it was a bad idea. If I were at 100%, the amount that I would want to clean when home alone for a week.  Pretty darn close to 0%.

Luckily my husband loves me anyway.

And that is better than fine.

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